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Who am I you ask? My name is Stew Pruslin. I'm starting a non-profit afterschool activity program for children and I coach youth basketball. I was a third-grade teacher for thirteen years and an activity group therapist for six years before that. I was married in 2003 to Melissa Hoffman (who is now Melissa Pruslin, interestingly). We have an awesome baby boy born 9/11/07. I try to keep busy playing softball and basketball among other sports.

At the end of each season of coaching (& teaching), I give the kids certificates. When I got my first job in a school, I was introduced to the world of laminating machines and I started adding team photos and laminating the certificates. I also laminated all kinds of other things but that's not important right now.

Anyway, then came computers. I've done a lot of work with graphic (and website) design. Over the years I've put those skills to use creating the images and pictures for the teams I coach and classes I teach, and often the teams on which I play as well.

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